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Carrotmob for Small Businesses

Partner with Carrotmob to gain new customers and engage your community.

  • New Values Driven Customers Our community is values driven, pays full price for products, and is engaged long term with your business.
  • Positive Impact on Community Enjoy the benefits of community improvements (press, goodwill) and be seen as a local business leader.
  • Increased Sales Carrotmob campaigns usually generate 200-300% sales lift.

Contact Us

Partnerships and Information Request

Alex Gold, Head of Partnerships

Alex Gold is Carrotmob's Head of Partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact him at partners@carrotmob.org.

General Inquiries & Questions

For more general questions on how Carrotmob works, our online community, and our capabilities, please contact Carrotmob HQ at info@carrotmob.org.

What is Carrotmob?

In a Carrotmob, a group of consumers spend money at a business and in exchange, that business makes an improvement the consumers care about.
250+ campaigns
20+ countries
$1 million + spent
~100,000 participants
22,000 social media followers
81% college educated

How Carrotmob Campaigns Work

  • A 2-3 week campaign in which consumers purchase printable vouchers for in-store redemption.
  • Carrotmob members pay for vouchers on our system and then print them out/save the code for use later at your business.
  • System integrates with existing POS systems to ensure smooth transaction process.
Working with Carrotmob was great! The campaign was a success at increasing sales and awareness, Carrotmob's technology was turnkey, and we created an entirely new scholarship fund. This was a big win for us. change.
Jeffery Liang, Manager, Old Skool Cafe

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