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In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people spends money to support a business, and in return the business makes an improvement that people care about. You win, the business wins, and the community wins.

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Topic You could Carrotmob a business to...
Climate Change Upgrade its lighting to be more energy efficient
Install an Energy Star Star dishwasher
Environment Install a low-flush toilet to reduce water waste
Switch to using compostable to-go containers
Stop giving out plastic bags
Start composting food waste
Fair Trade Switch to serving Fair Trade coffee or tea
Pilot selling a Fair Trade item like chocolate, flowers, or bananas for a given period
Food Serve a new vegetarian, vegan, or healthy menu option
Create a vegetable garden to grow food locally
Pilot source one sustainable seafood menu option for a fixed period
Health Offer a healthy kids meal option
Sell fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of just junk food
Install bike racks for customers and employees
Jobs/Workplace Offer health care to part-time employees
Pay employees a living wage
Local Economy Create or expand a training program for local youth
Source food from local farms
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